2021 Year-End-Dinner for JADEVER company Jan 12, 2022

2021 Year-End-Dinner for JADEVER company

Date: Friday, Jan 7th 2021.

Address: Huli Avenue, Xiamen

Time goes by fast in a year, we welcome 2022 and say goodbye to 2021. Before we welcome the new year, It’s time to have our Year-end-Dinner again.

It’s also an opportunity for boss and employees of JADEVER to share and express their hearts and aspiration to make an effort for the future of themselves and the development of the company in 2022.

David Huang, the boss of JADEVER, talk about the achievements of JADEVER in 2021 as well as the new directions for the upcoming year, In 2021, we invested in waterproof weighing scales development direction, believe that next year will be the perfect time for collecting what we have invested.

After David’s speech, It’s time for us to say ”CHEER” and enjoy the dinner.

During the meal, Let's check what we have done for this year-end-party.

There are two lottery boxes. In the first lottery box, every employee has a chance to win the lottery; but in the second lottery box, only some employees can win the lottery.

The first lottery box sets 7 awards from the first prize to the seventh prize, The prizes are as follows.

First prize: Cash

Second prize: Cash

Third prize: Cash

Fourth Prize: Cash

Fifth Prize: Cash

Sixth prize: Cash

Seventh Prize: Cash

Do you know who is the lucky one to win the first prize? He is our factory manager Mr. Chen.

The prizes of the second lottery box are also cash, The prizes are as below:

1. Mr. Jiang Manager sets 2 Cash Prizes

2. Mr. Wu Manager sets 7 Cash Prizes

3. Mr. David Leader sets 8 Cash Prizes

4. Mr. Chen Manager sets 10 Cash Prizes

Who is the another lucky one for the grand prize in the second round? He is our QC manager Mr. Liu.

Everyone wins the prizes and enjoys the dinner, no matter who win the prize, no matter the size of the prize, everyone say “WOW” to congratulate.

The Dinner turns to the end, but the unforgettable memories are always in our heart with these pictures. There are our hopes to organize more and more great parties like this in upcoming years, and create more beautiful memories together with team members.

Last but not least, wish JADEVER a better future in the field of weighing solution.

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