• 2021 Year-End-Dinner for JADEVER company
    2021 Year-End-Dinner for JADEVER company Jan 12, 2022
    2021 Year-End-Dinner for JADEVER company Date: Friday, Jan 7th 2021. Address: Huli Avenue, Xiamen Time goes by fast in a year, we welcome 2022 and say goodbye to 2021. Before we welcome the new year, It’s time to have our Year-end-Dinner again. It’s also an opportunity for boss and employees of JADEVER to share and express their hearts and aspiration to make an effort for the future of themselves and the development of the company in 2022. David Huang, the boss of JADEVER, talk about the achievements of JADEVER in 2021 as well as the new directions for the upcoming year, In 2021, we invested in waterproof weighing scales development direction, believe that next year will be the perfect time for collecting what we have invested. After David’s speech, It’s time for us to say ”CHEER” and enjoy the dinner. During the meal, Let's check what we have done for this year-end-party. There are two lottery boxes. In the first lottery box, every employee has a chance to win the lottery; but in the second lottery box, only some employees can win the lottery. The first lottery box sets 7 awards from the first prize to the seventh prize, The prizes are as follows. First prize: Cash Second prize: Cash Third prize: Cash Fourth Prize: Cash Fifth Prize: Cash Sixth prize: Cash Seventh Prize: Cash Do you know who is the lucky one to win the first prize? He is our factory manager Mr. Chen. The prizes of the second lottery box are also cash, The prizes are as below: 1. Mr. Jiang Manager sets 2 Cash Prizes 2. Mr. Wu Manager sets 7 Cash Prizes 3. Mr. David Leader sets 8 Cash Prizes 4. Mr. Chen Manager sets 10 Cash Prizes Who is the another lucky one for the grand prize in the second round? He is our QC manager Mr. Liu. Everyone wins the prizes and enjoys the dinner, no matter who win the prize, no matter the size of the prize, everyone say “WOW” to congratulate. The Dinner turns to the end, but the unforgettable memories are always in our heart with these pictures. There are our hopes to organize more and more great parties like this in upcoming years, and create more beautiful memories together with team members. Last but not least, wish JADEVER a better future in the field of weighing solution.
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  • Happy New Year 2022
    Happy New Year 2022 Dec 29, 2021
    Dear customers and friends, Thanks for your support in 2021, Like many in China we are looking forward to our new year holiday. Our office will be closed from: 5:30pm Friday 31th December, 2021 And will re-open at: 8:30am Tuesday 4th January, 2022 Our service doesn’t stop when the office is closed, We offer 24hours support for your weighing needs. You can consider your requirements over the new year period and let us know soon if you need any electronic scales. Hope to be of service to you again in 2022 with our innovative weighing solutions and appropriate scale service. The JADEVER scale team wishes you and your team a Happy and Safe New Year.
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  • JADEVER Celebrates 35 Years
    JADEVER Celebrates 35 Years Dec 17, 2021
    Did you know today is the 35th anniversary of JADEVER? JADEVER attribute their success to the loyalty and support of their staff, customers and suppliers.”The company is grateful to all employees for their long-term support and contribution, so the quality has been maintained ” Said David Huang, the boss of JADEVER. The company give bonuses to employees of different working ages, Especially for the employees over 15 years with extra delicate gifts. Employees under 5 years - Bonuses Employees over 5 years and under 10 years - Bonuses Employees over 10 years and under 15 years - Bonuses Employees over 15 years and under 20 years - Bonuses with delicate gifts Employees over 20 years - Bonuses with delicate gifts JADEVER History In 1986, Established the headquarter of JADEVER in TAIWAN, and the Chinese Brand of “钰恒” was found for the market of Chinese regions. In 1995, Established its own English brand JADEVER for global marketing. In 1999, Established Xiamen Jadever Scale Co.,Ltd was in Xiamen. In 2000, Established a branch in Canada. In 2006, Established a direct sale office in Shenzhen. In 2007, Established a direct sale office in Shanghai. In 2008, Established a direct sale office in Xiamen. In 2009, Established a direct sale office in Wuhan. In 2010, Established a direct sale office in tainjin. In 2011, Established a direct sale office in qingdao. Pls enjoy the video! A scale manufacturer Jadever is specialized in manufacturing electronic scales, The product range has grown to include: 1. Portable Scale 2. Precision balance 3. Counting Scale 4. Weighing Scale 5. Price Computing Scale 6. Waterproof Scale 7. Industrial Indicator 8. Bench Scale 9. Floor Scale 10. Crane Scale 11. Accessories 12. External Connection Modules JADEVER scale are of great quality, our goal is persistence in quality, responsibility for cost, and challenge against perfection. There have different models for each scale, you can give us some information about the required use of the scales, we can propose some scales suitable for your specific requirements.
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  • JADEVER Mooncake Gambling
    JADEVER Mooncake Gambling Nov 11, 2021
    Last Friday on Nov.5, our company finally held the Mooncake Gambling Game after the Xiamen epidemic has gone, which should be held before mid-autumn festival, this year been delay for about 50 days due to the virus impact. But every Jadever team members are still very happy, because they all got the prizes, especially for those who got the NO.1 & NO.2 prizes! Below pls see the photos taken last Friday.  ~(^_^)~ The prizes for the 6 ranks, china bowls with 6pcs dices inside for every table are ready! pls also enjoy the video! Mooncake Gambling Background Introduction: Bo Bing only happens on every mid-autumn festival in South-east Fujian area, China, so it also called as "Mooncake gambling". All the "Bo Bing" game requires are six dices and a china bowl. About 10 people stand surround a table, throw the dice into the bowl one by one, and the different pips you get stand for different ranks of awards you will win, which are named as the winners in ancient imperial examinations. From the lowest to the highest, the titles of six ranks are 一秀 Xiucai (the one who passed the examination at the county level), 二举 Juren (a successful candidate at the provincial level), 四进 Jinshi (a successful candidate in the highest imperial examination), 三红 Tanhua( NO.3 in the highest imperial examination) 对堂 Bangyan( NO.2) 状元 Zhuangyuan( NO.1) people believe that the person who wins "Zhuangyuan" in the game, will have good luck in the coming year.
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  • Jadever have attended InterWeighing 2019 exhibition in Shanghai
    Jadever have attended InterWeighing 2019 exhibition in Shanghai May 27, 2021
    Jadever have attended Shanghai InterWeighing 2019 exhibition in July, 2019.   This time, we first released our new JIK-4CSB and JIK-4ECSB stainless steel weighing indicator, SKY-C weighing balance, SKY-W counting balance, JBS series high precision Laboratory balance, PC based scale, Rolling scale, and display our rich external connections: one click scanning the bar-code, print only if weight is OK and wireless transmit to PC at the same time. Customers got deep impressed and were willing to learn more. A very successfully exhibition!
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  • Jadever brand new JWI-2100 & JWI-2000C Indicator
    Jadever brand new JWI-2100 & JWI-2000C Indicator May 27, 2021
    Currently Jadever releasesd below 2000 series compact indicator: JWI-2100 red LED Weighing Indicator JWI-2000C one window LCD Counting Indicator with below advanced features: ★ Compact but Powerful ☆ Can stand directly on the platform ★ Dark grey industrial ABS housing with high quality Copper pillar ☆ Reinforcement design of indicator supporter ★ Rich External Connections: RS232, Relay, Wifi, Ethernet Interface, U-disk
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  • Jadever Rich External Connections overview
    Jadever Rich External Connections overview May 27, 2021
    Does your scale need to connect to PC, mobile phone, Pad& printer wireless? Jadever have rich Extensive Connections Modules: 1. U-disk connection module: Get data from the scale USB port 2. One to one Bluetooth module: Four modes of connection 3. One to multiple Wifi & Ethernet modules: Two way communication
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  • Jadever new compact Waterproof S.S Indicator JIK-4 Series
    Jadever new compact Waterproof S.S Indicator JIK-4 Series Dec 01, 2020
    Recently, Jadever launched new compact Waterproof Stainless Steel Indicator JIK-4 Series ---LCD version JIK-4CSB ---LED version JIK-4ECSB Large Display: LCD & LED available Can connect max 8pcs load cells Simple Counting & Animal Weighing functions Optional RS232, RTC & Relay Widely used in high humidity environments
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