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In 1999, Xiamen Jadever Scale Co., Ltd. is established; the main production area for the company is located here. By the year 2006 Jadever acquires ISO 9001:2000 certification.


In 1999, Xiamen Jadever Scale Co., Ltd. is established; the main production area for the company is located here. By the year 2006 Jadever acquires ISO 9001:2000 certification.

 digital electronic weighing indicator
compact LED display digital weighing indicator scale
JWI-2100 is Jadever new released compact and economic weighing indicator. with bright LED display and unique design of the indicator supporter, it is convenient for you use on the platform, and can connect to PC by Internet cable.
Electronic Animal Peak Hold Weighing Indicator
stainless steel waterproof digital weighing indicator
Jadever JIK-4CSB stainless steel indicator is the updated version of the previous JIK-4, Updated to Lead Acid battery, mechanical waterproof keypad, more sample operation, Can be used in various conditions, especially on the harsh wet environment.
high precision balances for weighing
precision scale electronic laboratory balance
Features:      1.  High resolution in 1/30,000 2.  Battery and adaptor in dual mode to avoid power instability 3.  Zero range setting and filter setting for weighing under various condition 4.  LCD display with green backlight 5.  Upper/lower limit weighing alarming function 6.  Accumulation, Accumulation display and Accumulation clear function 7.  Auto printing within OK range 8.  RS-232 as a standard 9.  Relay/RTC/U-KEY connector/Wifi/Ethernet(Optional) 10. Ideal for applications including laboratory, school, jewelry, gold, silver, herbs, quality control or any other use Specifications: Model SKY-W-300 SKY-W-600 SKY-W-1500 SKY-W-3000 Capacity(g) 300 600 1500 3000 Division(g) 0.01/0.005 0.02/0.01 0.05/0.02/0.01 0.1/0.05 Display 6 digits, 14mm digit height, LCD display with green backlight Weighing units Kg, g, ct, lb, oz, GN, pcs Output Interface RS232 Weighing Pan(mm) 145mm×125mm Dimension(mm) 238mm×175mm×77mm Weight 980g Power supply DC Adaptor(9V/400mA)/Rechargeable battery(6V/1.3Ah)         Video of SKY-W do HI/LO/OK weight check with our small version Tower Light.       set HI as 200g, LO as 100g,        green light is on, when the weight is within HI and LO (OK),       red light is on and alarm, when the weight exceed HI,        yellow light is on and alarm, when the weight lower LO.       Details
NWTH digital weighing scale
NWTH Electronic weighing scale with stainless steel weighing pan
Features: 1. High resolution in 1/20,000  2. Bright LCD display with green LED backlight 3. High impact ABS housing and stainless steel weighing pan 4. Bubble level & adjust feet 5. Overload and transport devices 6. Zero/Tare/Weighing/Part counting/Net weight/Gross weight functions 7. Battery life: about 160 hours with backlight on, 260 hours without backlight.       8. Auto shut off for power saving 9. RS-232/U-KEY connector (Optional) 10. For using in family-run shop, factories, schools, offices, household and a wide range of other various weighing applications   Specifications: Model NWTH- 2K NWTH- 3K NWTH- 4K NWTH- 6K NWTH- 10K NWTH- 15K NWTH- 20K Capacity(kg) 2 4 5 6 10 15 20 Division(g) 0.1 0.2 0.5 0.5 0.5 1 1 Weighing units g / oz / ct/pcs Display 5 digits , 19mm digit height, LCD display with green LED backlight Weighing pan(mm) 210X190(Stainless steel) Dimension(mm) 270X210X100 Weight Net weight 1.4kg; Gross weight 1.98kg Power supply 4 C-size batteries or AC adapter Certification CE
Iron bench scale-Type A
Iron bench scale ideal for weighing applications
Iron bench scale-Type A Features: 1. Removable stainless steel weighing pan 2. Non-slip adjustable feet and integral leveling bubbles 3. Iron structure for durable performance 4.Optional indicators: JIK-8/JIK-6/JIK-4/JWI-710/JWI-700B/JWI-700W/JWI-700C/JWI-700P/JWI-586/JWI-688/JWI-3000/JWI-3100/JWI-3000W/JWI-3000C/JWI-2100/JWI-2000C 5. Designed specially with affordability and utility in mind 6. Ideal for shipping and receiving, production, packaging, general commercial and industrial weighing applications Specifications: Model Iron bench scale base Capacity(kg) 30-100kg 75-150kg 150-300kg 300-600kg 300-600kg 500kg-1t Platform size(cm) 30×40 40×50 45×60 50×60 60×60 60×80 80×80 Load cell JL-02 JL-04 JL-03 / JL-04 JL-03 JL-03 JL-03 Pole height(cm) 66 Pole diameter(cm) ∮3.8 Structure Iron
mini portable digital weight scale
Mini Portable Digital Weight Scale for Sale
Features                                                 Easy to carry and simple operation Bright LCD display with blue backlight Tare/Zero tracking/Unit change functions Locking function Auto shut off for power saving Ideal for applications including family-run shop, household, vendors, food service, commercial needs or any other multi-purpose use Specification Model JMH Capacity(kg) 10 20 40 Division(g) 5 10 20 Weighing units kg / lb /oz Display 4 digits , 11mm character height, LCD display with blue light Dimension(mm) 150X72X24 Weight Net weight 127g; Gross weight 162g Power supply 2 size-AA A batteries  Certification CE
seafood waterpoof weighing scale
Jadever new washdown waterproof fish weighing scale JWPN with IP68
Jadever JWPN waterproof weighing scale is IP68, they can be used anywhere with the rechargeable battery, and they are ideal for use in food factories, fishing industry, and breweries. Protection of load cell are more effective, the accuracy of whole scale is improved, the structure is optimized.
NA2 Load cell
JADEVER JL-02 Load cell for bench scale
JL-02 Load cell for bench  scale  Model JL-02 Model JL-02 Rated Capacities 60/100/150/200/250/300/350/500(kg) Output Impedance 350±5 Ω Rated Output 2.0 mV/V±5% Insulation Impedance ≥5000 MΩ Non-linearity 0.02 %F.S Safe Overload 150 %F.S Hysteresis 0.02 %F.S Ultimate Overload 200 %F.S Repeatability 0.02 %F.S Operating Temperature Range -20~60 ℃ Creep(20min) 0.02 %F.S Recommended Excitation 5~12 VDC Temperature Effect On Output 0.002 %F.S/℃ Maximum Excitation 15 VDC Temperature  Effect On Zero 0.003 %F.S/℃ Construction Aluminum Alloy Zero Balance ±0.0200 mV/V Protection Class IP67 / IP68 Input Impedance 410±15 Ω Cable φ5×15 cm Mode of Connection Red(EXC+),Black(EXC-),Green(SIG+),White(SIG-)

 Jadever Scale, a professional Manufacturer of industrial Weighing & Counting Scales & Indicators from China for more than 30 years.

36 / years

Xiamen Jadever Scale Co., Ltd

View our corporate video JADEVER, a professional manufacturer of Industrial Weighing Scales, Electronic Counting Scales & Weighing Indicators from China, was founded in July, 1986.  During the first years of existence, our company advanced in technology innovation and developing a business plan. In 1998, our company achieved the main quality goal, when the first of our products received approval from the International Organization of Legal Metrology. In 1999, Xiamen Jadever Scale Co., Ltd. was established; the main production area for our company is located here. In 2006, JADEVER acquired the ISO 9001:2000 certification. Currently, our company maintains the headquarters in Taipei, plus branches in six Chinese cities (Xiamen, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Qingdao, Wuhan and Tianjin) and an international branch in Markham, Canada.
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In 1999, Xiamen Jadever Scale Co., Ltd. is established; the main production area for the company is located here. By the year 2006 Jadever acquires ISO 9001:2000 certification.

Major Snow

Dec, 2022

Major Snow
Major Snow   The traditional Chinese lunar calendar divides the year into 24 solar terms. Major Snow, the 21st solar term of the year, begins this year on Dec 7. During Major Snow, the snow becomes heavy and begins to accumulate on the ground. The temperature drops significantly. Here are six things you should know about Major Snow. 1. Snowy winter The snow in North China may last a whole day, breaking tree branches and blocking the road. The natural scenery is "hundreds of leagues ice-bound go over thousands of leagues fly snow". In the south, snowflakes fall and the world turns white. A proverb about the snow says, "A timely snow promises a good harvest". As the snow covers the ground, the low winter temperature kills pests. 2. Appreciating plum blossoms Plum blossoms usually flower in mid-to-late December in some southern cities of China, and sometimes bloom even earlier. The plum blossom, which originated in China, is revered in Chinese culture for its resilience during severe winters. Along with the pine and bamboo, the plum blossom is considered one of the Three Friends of Winter. 3. Eating lamb Lamb is a favorite food for Chinese people during Major Snow. It’s excellent for nourishing the body, promoting blood circulation and providing protection against the cold. People in Chongqing like to have potted lamb soup or stewed lamb soup with their families and friends. Nanjing residents like to stew lamb with yams or wolfberries to make it more nutritious. 4. Making sausages During Major Snow, people in southern China, including Nanjing, Hangzhou, Hefei and Chongqing, make sausages, an important part of preparation for Spring Festival. 5. Eating porridge Hot porridge could help warm you and nourish your body in cold weather. In China, it’s customary to eat red bean porridge on the first day of the Major Snow and eight-treasure porridge on the eighth day of the last month of the lunar year. In addition, there are other varieties such as wheat porridge, sesame porridge, radish porridge, walnut porridge and tuckahoe porridge. 6. Preventing respiratory illness During this period, Chinese people watch for outbreaks of respiratory illness, which can be prevented by wearing a warm scarf to protect the neck and properly drinking water. During Major Snow, it’s drier and colder, so people should drink more water. But you should not drink too much water at once. At the same time, don't drink cold water after exercise.
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  • Minor Snow


    Minor Snow
    Minor Snow Minor Snow refers to the time when it starts to snow, mostly in China's northern areas, and the temperature continues to drop. The light snow freezes at night, but melts quickly during the day. In China, the wind blows from the northeast frequently since the Minor Snow. Because it is not bitter yet, many people do not wear hats or scarves. In fact, according to an old Chinese saying, "the head is the place where all passages of the body gather". It is sensible to beware that one's head can't be frozen. In some areas of south China, people have glutinous rice cakes in the early 10th lunar month, which is around Minor Snow. In ancient times, glutinous rice cake was a traditional festival offering to the bull god used by peasants. Nanjing is known for its pickled vegetables. In the past, due to inconvenient transportation, vegetables sold in Nanjing were few and expensive. Thus people there made pickled vegetables for the winter. On cold days, people want to have some hot and spicy food to keep warm. The customs of this festival vary from region to region. So what do you eat on this day? What are the activities?
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  • JADEVER Theme Training——2022 Fire Prevention Month


    JADEVER Theme Training——2022 Fire Prevention Month
    JADEVER Theme Training——2022 Fire Prevention Month In order to increase the awareness of fire safety for all people, November 9 is designated as the national “Fire Prevention Day”. JADEVER held a fire safety training yesterday afternoon.   This training was well attended and all employees took good notes. The training was mainly divided into four parts. Firstly, the relevant provisions of the fire law; secondly, general knowledge of firefighting; thirdly, the correct use of firefighting equipment. Fourth, firefighting and escape.   Several examples of major fire accidents were cited during the training, which can serve as a good warning.   Firefighting is a long-term, difficult work, never overnight work, only rely on fire month is difficult to achieve the work goals and tasks.   Only if each of us raises the awareness of prevention in our daily work and life, and strictly implements the tasks of fire prevention, can we ensure our personal happy life and the safe and stable operation of the company.
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  • JADEVER Fire Drill in November


    JADEVER Fire Drill in November
    JADEVER Fire Drill in November Fire drills are activities to enhance people’s awareness of safety and fire prevention. It enables people to further understand and master the fire handling process, as well as enhance the coordination and cooperation ability in the process of handling emergencies. Fire drills are good for people to build up the awareness of mutual help and self-rescue, so that they can better protect themselves in case of fire. JADEVER Fire Drill will enable the staff to further understand the process of handling fire and other emergencies. Department concerned prompted to guide employees to evacuate safely and quickly, learn to use fire extinguishers correctly and master the methods of escape. Through this fire drill, employees will be able to escape in time and use the firefighting knowledge they have learned to handle the situation safely. It can effectively avoid the loss of life and protect the life and property of employees. From this aspect, fire drills are of great significance.
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