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In 1999, Xiamen Jadever Scale Co., Ltd. is established; the main production area for the company is located here. By the year 2006 Jadever acquires ISO 9001:2000 certification.


In 1999, Xiamen Jadever Scale Co., Ltd. is established; the main production area for the company is located here. By the year 2006 Jadever acquires ISO 9001:2000 certification.

 digital electronic weighing indicator
compact LED display digital weighing indicator scale
JWI-2100 is Jadever new released compact and economic weighing indicator. with bright LED display and unique design of the indicator supporter, it is convenient for you use on the platform, and can connect to PC by Internet cable.
IP68 degree industrial indicator
New waterproof indicator with LED red character display
Jadever new JWI-530 waterproof indicator is suitable for sea food, high humidity environment, and food processing industries.
Waterproof table scale with stainless steel weighing pan
Latest high-quality waterproof digital scales
Jadever latest waterproof table scale. It has LED double-sided display (optional) and  RS-232 as a standard.  
Digital Weighing Indicator for bench scale
sample counting Industrial Weighing Scale Indicator For Packaging
Jadever weighing scale indicator JWI-700W is our new version indicator with high-impact durable ABS housing , which has got OIML certification.
high precision balances for weighing
precision scale electronic laboratory balance
Features:      1.  High resolution in 1/30,000 2.  Battery and adaptor in dual mode to avoid power instability 3.  Zero range setting and filter setting for weighing under various condition 4.  LCD display with green backlight 5.  Upper/lower limit weighing alarming function 6.  Accumulation, Accumulation display and Accumulation clear function 7.  Auto printing within OK range 8.  RS-232 as a standard 9.  Relay/RTC/U-KEY connector/Wifi/Ethernet(Optional) 10. Ideal for applications including laboratory, school, jewelry, gold, silver, herbs, quality control or any other use Specifications: Model SKY-W-300 SKY-W-600 SKY-W-1500 SKY-W-3000 Capacity(g) 300 600 1500 3000 Division(g) 0.01/0.005 0.02/0.01 0.05/0.02/0.01 0.1/0.05 Display 6 digits, 14mm digit height, LCD display with green backlight Weighing units Kg, g, ct, lb, oz, GN, pcs Output Interface RS232 Weighing Pan(mm) 145mm×125mm Dimension(mm) 238mm×175mm×77mm Weight 980g Power supply DC Adaptor(9V/400mA)/Rechargeable battery(6V/1.3Ah)         Video of SKY-W do HI/LO/OK weight check with our small version Tower Light.       set HI as 200g, LO as 100g,        green light is on, when the weight is within HI and LO (OK),       red light is on and alarm, when the weight exceed HI,        yellow light is on and alarm, when the weight lower LO.       Details
portable weighing scale with stainless steel pan
portable electronic weighing scale balance
Jadever JKH Digital weighing scales offer dry battery operation so they are completely portable.
NWTH digital weighing scale
NWTH Electronic weighing scale with stainless steel weighing pan
Features: 1. High resolution in 1/20,000  2. Bright LCD display with green LED backlight 3. High impact ABS housing and stainless steel weighing pan 4. Bubble level & adjust feet 5. Overload and transport devices 6. Zero/Tare/Weighing/Part counting/Net weight/Gross weight functions 7. Battery life: about 160 hours with backlight on, 260 hours without backlight.       8. Auto shut off for power saving 9. RS-232/U-KEY connector (Optional) 10. For using in family-run shop, factories, schools, offices, household and a wide range of other various weighing applications   Specifications: Model NWTH- 2K NWTH- 3K NWTH- 4K NWTH- 6K NWTH- 10K NWTH- 15K NWTH- 20K Capacity(kg) 2 4 5 6 10 15 20 Division(g) 0.1 0.2 0.5 0.5 0.5 1 1 Weighing units g / oz / ct/pcs Display 5 digits , 19mm digit height, LCD display with green LED backlight Weighing pan(mm) 210X190(Stainless steel) Dimension(mm) 270X210X100 Weight Net weight 1.4kg; Gross weight 1.98kg Power supply 4 C-size batteries or AC adapter Certification CE
Iron bench scale-Type A
Iron bench scale ideal for weighing applications
Iron bench scale-Type A Features: 1. Removable stainless steel weighing pan 2. Non-slip adjustable feet and integral leveling bubbles 3. Iron structure for durable performance 4.Optional indicators: JIK-8/JIK-6/JIK-4/JWI-710/JWI-700B/JWI-700W/JWI-700C/JWI-700P/JWI-586/JWI-688/JWI-3000/JWI-3100/JWI-3000W/JWI-3000C/JWI-2100/JWI-2000C 5. Designed specially with affordability and utility in mind 6. Ideal for shipping and receiving, production, packaging, general commercial and industrial weighing applications Specifications: Model Iron bench scale base Capacity(kg) 30-100kg 75-150kg 150-300kg 300-600kg 300-600kg 500kg-1t Platform size(cm) 30×40 40×50 45×60 50×60 60×60 60×80 80×80 Load cell JL-02 JL-04 JL-03 / JL-04 JL-03 JL-03 JL-03 Pole height(cm) 66 Pole diameter(cm) ∮3.8 Structure Iron

 Jadever Scale, a professional Manufacturer of industrial Weighing & Counting Scales & Indicators from China for more than 30 years.

36 / years

Xiamen Jadever Scale Co., Ltd

View our corporate video JADEVER, a professional manufacturer of Industrial Weighing Scales, Electronic Counting Scales & Weighing Indicators from China, was founded in July, 1986.  During the first years of existence, our company advanced in technology innovation and developing a business plan. In 1998, our company achieved the main quality goal, when the first of our products received approval from the International Organization of Legal Metrology. In 1999, Xiamen Jadever Scale Co., Ltd. was established; the main production area for our company is located here. In 2006, JADEVER acquired the ISO 9001:2000 certification. Currently, our company maintains the headquarters in Taipei, plus branches in six Chinese cities (Xiamen, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Qingdao, Wuhan and Tianjin) and an international branch in Markham, Canada.
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In 1999, Xiamen Jadever Scale Co., Ltd. is established; the main production area for the company is located here. By the year 2006 Jadever acquires ISO 9001:2000 certification.

World Consumer Rights Day

Mar, 2023

World Consumer Rights Day
World Consumer Rights Day   World Consumer Rights Day, which is celebrated on March 15 every year, was established by the International Consumer Union in 1983 with the aim of broadening awareness of the protection of consumer rights and interests, promoting cooperation and interaction between national and regional consumer organizations, and better protecting consumer rights and interests on an international scale.   Every year since 1987, consumer organizations throughout China have joined forces with all relevant departments to organize grand commemorative events on March 15. These events have been held in various forms to publicize the laws and regulations on consumer protection and their achievements, and to promote the interest and support of the whole society in the protection of consumer rights and interests. The "315 International Day of Consumer Rights and Interests" has become a far-reaching social event with a wide social impact.   The main content of the Consumer Rights Day: 1. Provide information to consumers, educate them and improve their awareness and ability to defend their rights and interests. 2. Handle consumer complaints and help consumers recover their losses. 3. Collect consumers' opinions and provide feedback to companies. 4. Create public opinion, publicize consumers' rights and create public pressure to improve consumers' position. 5. Participate in the formulation of national or governmental laws and policies concerning consumers and request the government to establish a consumer administrative system to deal with consumer issues. 6. To establish consumer groups to establish consumer sovereignty. 7. To strengthen international consumer groups and cooperation.
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  • Awakening of Insects


    Awakening of Insects
    Awakening of Insects The Chinese solar calendar divides the year into 24 solar terms, with Awakening of Insects being the third. It falls on March 6 and lasts until March 20th this year. Awakening of Insects marks the start of spring and brings a rise in temperature and rainfall, waking animals from their winter slumber. It is also an essential time for farmers to start spring agricultural activities. During this solar term, the sound of spring thunder can be heard. In China, there is a saying that if the first thunder comes before Awakening of Insects, there will be abnormal weather that year. Spring thunder occurs because the earth becomes humid, and hot air rises, creating frequent winds. This period is also crucial for weather forecasting. The Awakening of Insects is a busy time for farmers as it marks the beginning of the busiest time for  agricultural work. The temperature rises above 10 degree Celsius, and there is an increase in sunshine, providing good natural conditions for farming. As old Chinese sayings go, ”once the Awakening of Insects comes, spring ploughing  never rests.”
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  • Lantern Festival


    Lantern Festival
    Lantern Festival   February 5th, 2023 is Chinese Lantern Festival.   On this day, Chinese people have many interesting activities.   Eating Tangyuan Eating Tangyuan is an important tradition for the Lantern Festival. Tangyuan, also know as yuanxiao, is a Chinese food made from glutinous rice flour mixed with a small amount of water to form balls and is then cooked and served in boiling water.   Lighting lanterns Decorating and hanging lanterns is the main tradition of the festival, with lanterns big and small hung around households, parks, streets and other public spaces. Red lanterns of various shape and type will attract countless visitors to watch.   Lion dances The lion dance is one of the oldest traditions to celebrate the Chinese New Year. In ancient times, people regarded the lion as a symbol of bravery and strength and believed the dance could drive away bad fortune to protect people and their livestock. The custom has continued to the modern day and lion dances are performed at important events on the Chinese calendar, such as the Lantern Festival, to bring good luck.   Lantern riddles Solving riddles on lanterns has been a popular tradition since the Song Dynasty. People write riddles on paper and stick them to the lanterns and if someone guesses correctly, they can pull the riddle off. The notes often contain messages of good fortune and wishes.   JADEVER wishes everyone a Happy Lantern Festival.
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  • Spring Festival Holiday Celebration


    Spring Festival Holiday Celebration
    Spring Festival Holiday Celebration   Please note that JADEVER Spring Festival Holiday will begin from Jan. 15th to Jan. 29th.   The Spring Festival is the most important festival for the Chinese people and is when all family members get together, just like Christmas in the West.   All people living away from home go back, becoming the busiest time for transportation systems of about half a month from the Spring Festival. Airports, railway stations and long-distance bus stations are crowded with home returnees.   Store owners are busy as everybody goes out to purchase necessities for the New Year. Materials not only include edible oil, rice, flour, chicken, duck, fish and meat, but also fruit, candies and kinds of nuts. What's more, various decorations, new clothes and shoes for the children as well as gifts for the elderly, friends and relatives, are all on the list of purchasing.   Before the New Year comes, the people completely clean the indoors and outdoors of their homes as well as their clothes, bedclothes and all their utensils.   Then people begin decorating their clean rooms featuring an atmosphere of rejoicing and festivity. All the door panels will be pasted with Spring Festival couplets, highlighting Chinese calligraphy with black characters on red paper. The content varies from house owners' wishes for a bright future to good luck for the New Year. Also, pictures of the god of doors and wealth will be posted on front doors to ward off evil spirits and welcome peace and abundance.   People attach great importance to Spring Festival Eve. At that time, all family members eat dinner together. After the dinner, the whole family will sit together, chatting and watching TV. In recent years, the Spring Festival party broadcast on China Central Television Station (CCTV) is essential entertainment for the Chinese both at home and abroad.   Waking up on New Year, everybody dresses up. They extend greetings to their parents. Then each child will get money as a New Year gift, wrapped up in red paper.   Chinese Spring Festival is the festival of saying goodbye to the old and welcoming the new. And JADEVER wishes everyone will have a good holiday.
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