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In 1999, Xiamen Jadever Scale Co., Ltd. is established; the main production area for the company is located here. By the year 2006 Jadever acquires ISO 9001:2000 certification.


In 1999, Xiamen Jadever Scale Co., Ltd. is established; the main production area for the company is located here. By the year 2006 Jadever acquires ISO 9001:2000 certification.

 digital electronic weighing indicator
compact LED display digital weighing indicator scale
JWI-2100 is Jadever new released compact and economic weighing indicator. with bright LED display and unique design of the indicator supporter, it is convenient for you use on the platform, and can connect to PC by Internet cable.
school lab equipment weighing scale balance
digital high precision balances for laboratory
Jadever digital precision weighing balance SNUG has update to III version, with latest upgrade weighing software, much more easier to use.
platform scale stainless steel indicator weight
waterproof weighing indicator for bench scale
Jadever stainless steel indicator JWI-520 is used in laboratories for measuring small quantities of chemicals, in kitchens to measure ingredients and in homes
high precision balances for laboratory
precision scale digital laboratory balance
SKY-W is our new Precision  Weighing balance  Rechargeable battery instead of the dry battery, also upgrade the weighing software, now can connect by RS232, Relay, RTC, etc.
Electronic Waterproof Weight Scale Indicators
stainless steel waterproof digital weighing indicator
Jadever JIK indicators is the solution to your weighing indicator applications that require multiple functions, rugged construction, comprehensive yet intuitive software and multiple connectively options Both stainless steel and ABS structure are available, JIK-8 has 12 keypads.
Industrial Aluminum  crane scale
digital hanging crane weight scale
Jadever Crane Scales are built to safely help weigh suspended loads in industrial environments. They connect to the end of a load hook and attach directly to the load being weighed.
Industrial Iron platform scale indicator
digital iron structure bench scale
JadeverIron Structure Bench Scale is strong enough, with weighing indicator can weigh up to 800kg, widely used in industrial factories.

 Jadever Scale, a professional Manufacturer of industrial Weighing & Counting Scales & Indicators from China for more than 30 years.

36 / years

Xiamen Jadever Scale Co., Ltd

View our corporate video JADEVER, a professional manufacturer of Industrial Weighing Scales, Electronic Counting Scales & Weighing Indicators from China, was founded in July, 1986.  During the first years of existence, our company advanced in technology innovation and developing a business plan. In 1998, our company achieved the main quality goal, when the first of our products received approval from the International Organization of Legal Metrology. In 1999, Xiamen Jadever Scale Co., Ltd. was established; the main production area for our company is located here. In 2006, JADEVER acquired the ISO 9001:2000 certification. Currently, our company maintains the headquarters in Taipei, plus branches in six Chinese cities (Xiamen, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Qingdao, Wuhan and Tianjin) and an international branch in Markham, Canada.
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In 1999, Xiamen Jadever Scale Co., Ltd. is established; the main production area for the company is located here. By the year 2006 Jadever acquires ISO 9001:2000 certification.

2022 Certification for Safe Transport of Chemical Goods of JWP battery 6V/4.5Ah

Jun, 2022

2022 Certification for Safe Transport of Chemical Goods of JWP battery 6V/4.5Ah
2022Certification for Safe Transport of Chemical Goods of JWP battery 6V/4.5Ah What is the inspection methods and procedures of JWP waterproof scale battery 6V/4.5Ah? IMO International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code(2020 Edition) Which test items have been tested? 1.Vibration test 2.Pressure differential test 3.Leakage test at 55℃ Under what standard terms do they test? United Nations Chapter 3.3 Special Provisions 238(a) or (b) What is the identification conclusion of JWP waterproof scale 6V/4.5Ah battery? The substance is not subject to IMO IMDG Code according to special provision 238, the battery is a non-dangerous product. What is the certificate number of Safe Transport of Chemical Goods of JWP battery 6V/4.5Ah? No.2222 0023 4537 204 What test agency issue the certification? It is issued by Shanghai Institute of Chemical Industry Testing Co.,Ltd.
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  • 40-foot high Container to USA


    40-foot high Container to USA
    Jadever scale factory loaded a 40-foot high container this week, They will be dispatched to USA. It is around 1400 units JCE table top counting scales(as below picture show). What is the standard dimensions of 40HC container? Specification L × W × H(m) Gross Weight(T) Volume(m³) 40HC 12.032×2.352×2.698m 26t 68m³ How many electronic scales can completely fit the 40HC container? It is not easy to provide exact quantity of electronic scales to fit 40HC container, As the scale models and dimensions are different, For example, If only purchase JADEVER JCE table top counting scales, It is around 1400 units can completed fit the container.
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  • Safety Theme Awareness Month


    Safety Theme Awareness Month
    Security accident is the turning point of the fate of every enterprise's survival and development,and it is also a heavy blow to the happiness of every family. Behind every safety accident, there are lessons of blood and tears,Risk is everywhere. Sometimes,A reminder, a sign, an investigation, and a drill, we may be able to save the day. This month is the safety production publicity month. JADEVER scale organizes all employees to watch the publicity video to improve everyone's safety awareness and create a safe enterprise together. What we can do to ensure safe production? "First-in-command" fulfills the mission of safety,take the first responsibility Improve the implementation of safety production responsibility system Strengthen security risk management and control Improve hazard identification ability Improve the construction of enterprise safety culture Preventing troubles before they happen, eliminating troubles Only when you know your responsibilities can you fulfill your responsibilities,Let's stay safe together.
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  • Fire Drill


    Fire Drill
    In order to ensure that all employees and relevant responsible personnel can correctly and timely carry out activities such as alarming, evacuation, extinguishing and commanding in the event of a fire, the company will conduct fire drills on 5/27/2022. The fire drill mainly includes the following three parts: Firstly: Evacuation drill Second: How to use fire extinguisher correctly? Thirdly: How to properly perform artificial respiration? 1. Evacuation drill To simulate a fire in an area of the workshop(be careful not to use open flames), an employee finds the fire, and quickly informs the monitor or supervisor by telephone. After hearing the fire emergency evacuation signal, all employees immediately stopped work, cut off the power supply of machinery and equipment, and ran to the regional evacuation exit. Rescue personnel on site organized to greet employees to evacuate in two exits in an orderly manner, and informed employees of the meeting point for emergency evacuation. After the employees fled the scene, they immediately gathered in the open space on the first floor of the company and were not allowed to run without authorization. The on-site supervisor of each area is responsible for immediately counting the number of people (including visitors) and verifying whether there are any omissions, and reporting to the commander-in-chief at the same time Second: How to use fire extinguisher correctly? Thirdly:How to properly perform artificial respiration
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