International Children's Day May 31, 2023

International Children's Day

International Children's Day, a traditional Chinese holiday and a United Nations-defined holiday for children around the world, is held on June 1 every year. On this day, students get a break from school and many parents buy gifts for their children, take them to amusement parks or participate in other forms of celebration. The significance of this holiday is to remind all sectors of society to pay attention to children's issues, to care about their healthy growth, education and rights, and to strengthen the protection and improvement of their living environment and quality of life.


International Children's Day is a very special holiday, and there are many interesting activities that can be arranged to make it a pleasant holiday for children, such as


Parent-child games: Parent-child game competitions can be organized, such as hide-and-seek, rope skipping, tug-of-war, etc.


Painting competitions: Painting competitions can be organized to let children show their creativity and imagination.


Book club: A book club can be organized for children to share their favorite books and enhance their interest in reading.


Handicraft: Handicraft activities can be organized, such as making paper pinwheels, origami, bracelets, etc.


Children's performances: Children's performances can be organized for children to show their talents, such as singing, dancing, reciting, etc.


Family picnics: Family picnics can be organized for children to enjoy the beauty of nature with their families.


All these activities can make children spend a meaningful and interesting June 1 Children's Day.

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