JADEVER Celebrates 35 Years Dec 17, 2021

Did you know today is the 35th anniversary of JADEVER?

JADEVER attribute their success to the loyalty and support of their staff, customers and suppliers.”The company is grateful to all employees for their long-term support and contribution, so the quality has been maintained ” Said David Huang, the boss of JADEVER.

The company give bonuses to employees of different working ages, Especially for the employees over 15 years with extra delicate gifts.

Employees under 5 years - Bonuses

Employees over 5 years and under 10 years - Bonuses

Employees over 10 years and under 15 years - Bonuses

Employees over 15 years and under 20 years - Bonuses with delicate gifts

Employees over 20 years - Bonuses with delicate gifts


In 1986, Established the headquarter of JADEVER in TAIWAN, and the Chinese Brand of “钰恒” was found for the market of Chinese regions.

In 1995, Established its own English brand JADEVER for global marketing.

In 1999, Established Xiamen Jadever Scale Co.,Ltd was in Xiamen.

In 2000, Established a branch in Canada.

In 2006, Established a direct sale office in Shenzhen.

In 2007, Established a direct sale office in Shanghai.

In 2008, Established a direct sale office in Xiamen.

In 2009, Established a direct sale office in Wuhan.

In 2010, Established a direct sale office in tainjin.

In 2011, Established a direct sale office in qingdao.

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A scale manufacturer

Jadever is specialized in manufacturing electronic scales, The product range has grown to include:

1. Portable Scale

2. Precision balance

3. Counting Scale

4. Weighing Scale

5. Price Computing Scale

6. Waterproof Scale

7. Industrial Indicator

8. Bench Scale

9. Floor Scale

10. Crane Scale

11. Accessories

12. External Connection Modules

JADEVER scale are of great quality, our goal is persistence in quality, responsibility for cost, and challenge against perfection. There have different models for each scale, you can give us some information about the required use of the scales, we can propose some scales suitable for your specific requirements.

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