World Consumer Rights Day Mar 15, 2023

World Consumer Rights Day


World Consumer Rights Day, which is celebrated on March 15 every year, was established by the International Consumer Union in 1983 with the aim of broadening awareness of the protection of consumer rights and interests, promoting cooperation and interaction between national and regional consumer organizations, and better protecting consumer rights and interests on an international scale.


Every year since 1987, consumer organizations throughout China have joined forces with all relevant departments to organize grand commemorative events on March 15. These events have been held in various forms to publicize the laws and regulations on consumer protection and their achievements, and to promote the interest and support of the whole society in the protection of consumer rights and interests. The "315 International Day of Consumer Rights and Interests" has become a far-reaching social event with a wide social impact.


The main content of the Consumer Rights Day:

1. Provide information to consumers, educate them and improve their awareness and ability to defend their rights and interests.

2. Handle consumer complaints and help consumers recover their losses.

3. Collect consumers' opinions and provide feedback to companies.

4. Create public opinion, publicize consumers' rights and create public pressure to improve consumers' position.

5. Participate in the formulation of national or governmental laws and policies concerning consumers and request the government to establish a consumer administrative system to deal with consumer issues.

6. To establish consumer groups to establish consumer sovereignty.

7. To strengthen international consumer groups and cooperation.

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