label edit print connection module with digital weighing indicator

JADEVER JP-01 connection module can support edit different material lables on Android pad and print out by printer,
the weight scale can connect the JP-01,Android pad and printer by cable or wireless bluetooth.
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Break traditional e-scale label tags, edit label freely by APP, switch to different material labels freely
Switch multi-labels randomly, simple to operate 
Transfer data by Bluetooth, on-click download, edit and save simultaneously and immediately

Use the port with two 9D socket to connect the printer serial port and JP-01 separately
Use the port with 25D socket to choose the suitable port to connect indicator print port
The JP-01 can run when printing or charging, if the green light flickers, it indicates the JP-01 is waiting for connection
Open JPrint APP, Slide out the left menu, click to enter the connection,the JP-01 green light is on when the connection is successful
Create new label and set label size,Add pictures to APP from Android device,Freely add and edit label content
Enter into material management from the left menu, create and cancel material 
Choose material to save label when editing the label, the ready label format can be downloaded to the printer.
Choose the corresponding format when weighing, and can change the label




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