New waterproof indicator with LED red character display

Jadever new JWI-530 waterproof indicator is suitable for sea food, high humidity environment, and food processing industries.
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    1/12000 or 1/15000
  • Power supply:

    AC: 110/220V, built-in lead-acid battery (6V/4Ah)
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Waterproof complete sealed PCB design, IP68

Pre-tare, check weighing, accumulation, dynamic weighing, and low battery prompt functions

Single point and linear calibration function

Auto shut off for power saving

Select the filter level according to the use environment

RS232 as an option

Ideal for application in sea food, high humidity environment, and food processing industries






External Display Accuracy

1/12000 or 1/15000

Weighing Units



6-digit LED red character display, character height 25mm

Input Sensitivity

0.2 microvolts/div

Input voltage range

-2 mV~20 mV

Sensor excitation voltage

  DC 5V, can be connected to 4 350 ohm sensors


0.003% of full capacity

Input resistance

  Greater than 10×106 ohms

Conversion Method


Internal resolution


Conversion output period

  About 6~10 times per second

Power Supply

  AC: 110/220V, built-in lead-acid battery (6V/4Ah)





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