waterproof weighing indicator for bench scale

Jadever stainless steel indicator JWI-520 is used in laboratories for measuring small quantities of chemicals, in kitchens to measure ingredients and in homes
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    5V/2A electronic 100~240V/50~60Hz
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Waterproof stainless steel weighing indicator with grade up to IP68
Bright and red LED display 
Total Sealed design with Ventilated Ring for Load Cell 
Waterproof charger 
Zero/Tare /Weighing/Simple counting/Check weighing functions 
Auto shut off for power saving       
Ideal for applications including high humidity surrounding of food or seafood markets, food processing factories or any other use






RS-232 Interface


RS-485 Interface




Zero range


Tare range



6V/4500mAH lead-acid battery


9V/1A electronic 100~240V/50~60Hz


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