Jadever JWI-501 waterproof bench scale for seafood IP68 Jan 21, 2022

The JWI-501 waterproof bench scale is IP68, they can be used anywhere with the rechargeable battery, and they are ideal for use in food factories, fishing industry, and breweries.

What is the Feature of JWI-501 waterproof bench scale?

Plastic covered steel structure with waterproof and corrosion-proof functions

Bright LED display with red backlight

Waterproof indicator with IP68

All sealed PCB design

Complete Sealed design with Ventilated Ring for Load Cell

Zero / Tare / Weighing / Simple counting / Check weighing functions

Auto shut off for power saving

Ideal for applications including high humidity surrounding of food or seafood markets, food processing factories or any other use

What does the IP rating mean?

The Jadever JWI-501 waterproof bench scale is IP68 rated. The IP rating refers to the level of protection from moisture and dust. The first digit (in this case ‘6’) refers to the scale’s protection from dust, The second digit (e.g. ‘8’) indicates the level of protection that the enclosure provides against harmful ingress of water.

What are waterproof bench scales used for?

JWI-501 Waterproof bench scales are always used in the food and fishing industry, they can also be washed down to keep hygienic, and applicable to worse conditions.

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