Iron Floor Scale With Ramp with Weighing or Counting Indicator Feb 11, 2022

Floor scales are perfect for heavy duty weighing, They can be loaded with ease using a fork truck. If the optional ramps option is selected they are also suitable for loading via pallet truck.

What are features of Iron Floor Scale?

Customized size available

Heavy duty scale body

4 pcs shear beam load cell

Checker plate or flat plate optional

Ramp optional

Waterproof junction box for the longer service life

Single point and linear calibration

What indicators are available to match Iron Floor Scale?

Optional indicators including: JWI-3000W/3000C/3100/3000/586/688/70W/710/700B/700C/700P/JIK-4/6/8,etc.

What application will Iron Bench Scale be used for?

For weighing Large Items

Weighing large items is simple and easy with JADEVER Iron Floor scales., the JADEVER Iron Floor Scale is solid and reliable choice.

You can select from a choice of sizes, capacities, graduations and indicator. The platform itself is available with a highest capacity of 5000kg , so it is ideal for weighing heavy items.

For faster weighing, the JPF-2000 is available with ramps so that pallet trucks laden with pallets can be wheeled on and off - and a Tare function allows you to remove the weight of the pallet truck and the pallet from the reading.

For Counting Large Items or Large Quantities

Many industries can benefit from parts counting scales to monitor the quantity of products in one batch and to assist in inventory checks.

We recommend the JADEVER Iron Floor Scale with JADEVER JWI-700C/JWI-3000C/JWI-2000C, which has multiple weighing and counting functions. The Jadever JWI indicator features 3-in-1 displays which makes parts counting quicker and easier.

For a range of Industries and Warehouse

Some users will simply want to check the weight of what comes and goes out of their facility; others will need to count the exact number of items in a consignment or need product proof of weight for transportation overseas. Industrial platform scales can be used across a range of industries, from cider makers to waste disposal plants.

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