Jadever SKY-C counting precision balance with tower light Aug 13, 2021

Jadever SKY-C is our new counting balance with upgrade weighing software, can quickly get the quantity you need by doing HI/LO/OK checking with the tower light, ideal for packaging.

Key Features:

  • High Internal resolution 1/600,000 electronic school lab equipment weighing balance
  • LCD display with green backlight
  • Battery and adaptor in dual mode to avoid power instability
  • Single point and linear calibration available
  • Zero range setting and filter setting for weighing under various condition.
  • RS-232 as a standard(bidirectional communication), can connect to PC,Printer,Big LED display,etc.
  • Can use RELAY to control switch quantity devices, such as light tower,PLC,etc.
  • Weighing or quantity check function, can set upper limit,lower limit,OK value
  • ACAI function results in a more accurate counting

Ideal for applications including laboratory, school,jewelry, gold,silver, herbs,quality control or any other use.

pls check below video for how SKY-C counting scale balance quickly get the quantity you need with the tower light.

if the quantity not reached to the targeted quantity, the tower light will alarm and turn to orange,

if exceed, the tower light will alarm and turn to red, if exactly the quantity, the tower light will turn to green.

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