JWI-700C counting indicator can save weighing data in U-disk in groups with bar-code scanner Sep 30, 2021


  • Sample piece counting bench scale indicator for packaging
  • Zero / Tare / Pre-tare / Zero tracking / Auto power off / Auto unit weight recomputing / Part counting / Sampling / Check quantity
  • Up to high resolution in 1/30,000
  • Bright LCD display with green backlight
  • High-impact durable ABS housing
  • Supports up to eight 350 ohm analog load cells
  • Adjustable capacities, resolutions and parameters
  • Auto shut off for power saving
  • optional RS-232 interface, Bluetooth, U-key, U-disk etc.
  • Ideal for applications including document distribution / shipping and receiving / inventory management / in-process parts counting / prepacking parts warehouse or any other use


Customized U-disk case for packaging with JWI-700C:

Question: There are 10 items in carton  NO.1,  7 items in carton NO.2,  5 items in carton NO.3, how to quickly record the items' unit and total weight by carton?

Solution: JWI-700C can save weighing data in excel file into U-disk by groups with bar-code scanner,the excel file display 10 items in group NO.1,  7 items in group NO.2,   5 items in group NO.3, one row one group, three rows are three groups of weighing.

pls refer to below video:


1)Plug the U-disk into the counting indicator, scan the QR-code and bar-code of the outside carton with the scanne

2)10 items in group  NO.1, weigh them one by one

3) In the end, press the print button, the weighing info will be auto grouped, summarized and stored into the U-disk

7 items in group NO.2, weigh them one by one,In the end, press the print button

5 items in group NO.3, weigh them one by one,In the end, press the print button

4) Remove the U-disk and read it from PC

the excel file will display QR-code, bar-code, time, total pcs ,total weight and the unit weight info(for every group), 3 rows means 3 groups of weighing.

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