Jadever provide a wide range of Counting Table Scales & Counting Indicators Oct 22, 2021

Economical Table Scale : JCQ

∴ Economical Indicator : JWI-3000C

∴ Table Scale max 60kg & Dual Channel  : JCA

∴ High-impact durable ABS housing  :  JWI-700C

∴ Counting Precision Balance available : SKY-C

∴ One window LCD Counting Indicator : JWI-2000C

Counting Scales & Counting Indicators Features:

Accumulation up to 99pcs, Accumulation display and Accumulation clear functions

Up to 1/30000 resolution (free setting capacity and division)

Up to 60kg capacity and stainless-steel weighing pan

Single point and linear calibration available

Unit weight memory up to 20pcs

ACAI function results in a more accurate count by increasing the reference weight

Zero range setting and filter setting for counting under various condition

Optional RS-232 interface, Bluetooth, U-key, U-disk etc.

Indicator support up to 1-4pcs×350Ω Load cell & JWI-2000C can stand directly on the platform

Precision Balance SKY-C is our new counting balance

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