iron floor scale with ramp for weighing indicator

The Jadever low profile floor scale has a 2” deck height, making it easy to load and unload goods with forklift trucks and hand carts.
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    JPF-2000 IRON
  • Capacity:

  • Division:

  • Power supply:

    depend on the indicator
  • Product Detail


  • Customized size available
  • 4 pcs shear beam load cell
  • Checker plate or flat plate optional
  • Ramp optional
  • Waterproof junction box for the longer service life
  • Single point and linear calibration
  • Optional indicators including: JIK-6 / JIK-8 / JWI-710 / JWI-700B / JWI-700W / JWI-700C /JWI-700P / JWI-600 / JWI-520 / JWI-586
  • Ideal for dry weighing needs in industrial and commercial applications



JPF-2000(strong version)





Platform size(cm)




Pan material

Stainless steel/ Steel Platform

Load Cell

JL-04(4 pcs shear beam load cell)


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