Jadever's Waterproof Weighing Indicators Series Overview Nov 26, 2021

Economical Stainless animal indicator JWI-688

IP68 S.S. indicator JWI-520 & ABS indicator JWI-501

Stainless Steel JIK-4,6 & 8 series indicators

JWI-688 features:

Digital indicator for weighing live animals

Attractive outline design with durable stainless steel housing

JWI-520 & JWI-501 features:

JWI-520: Waterproof  stainless steel structure

JWI-501: Plastic covered steel structure

Waterproof grade up to IP68

Complete Sealed design with Ventilated Ring for Load Cell

JIK-4,6 & 8 series indicators features:

JIK-4 LCD & LED display available

JIK-6 & 8  Stainless Steel & ABS housing available

JIK-8 have standard Dual channel feature (connection to larger platforms and floor scales)

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