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  • Jadever's scales designed to be rugged enough for use in harsh field environments, demanding factory locations.

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3t industrial floor scales for sale
iron floor scale with ramp for weighing indicator
The Jadever low profile floor scale has a 2” deck height, making it easy to load and unload goods with forklift trucks and hand carts.
table top weighing scale 30 kg
digital table top weighing scale 30kg
Jadver JWE  is our classic high quality tabletop scale with True-Tec load cell, with sampel piece counting function and can Check Weighing Scales With Tower Light.
tabletop weight scale for packages
industrial tabletop weighing balance 15kg
Jadver JWN table weight scale use our new version software with more easy operation weighing functions, and it is the only Check Weighing Scale can have three color change for HI/LO/OK, red for HI, green for OK, orange for LO, no need to connect to the tower light.
Industrial Iron platform scale indicator
digital iron structure bench scale
JadeverIron Structure Bench Scale is strong enough, with weighing indicator can weigh up to 800kg, widely used in industrial factories.
hand pallet truck scale for weighing
pallet truck scale with weighing indicator
Built to take the knocks of industrial use, Jadever mobile pallet truck scales bring the scale to the load instead of moving the load to the scale.
Industrial Aluminum  crane scale
digital hanging crane weight scale
Jadever Crane Scales are built to safely help weigh suspended loads in industrial environments. They connect to the end of a load hook and attach directly to the load being weighed.
spare parts counting scale for packing
industrial Digital counting Weighing scale
Jadever JCE Electronic Counting Weighing scale with Large stainless steel weighing pan ideal for warehouse spare parts counting.
Electronic weighing controller manual
Industrial weighing controller for semi-auto packing machine
It is dedicated for feeding and batching control, and can also be connected to a weight detection and sorting machine
Electronic weighing controller manual
Industrial weighing controller for semi-auto packing machine
It is dedicated for feeding and batching control, and can also be connected to a weight detection and sorting machine.
JL-05 made of aluminum alloy
JL-05 load cell
JL-05 Load Cell Features: For bench scale Specifications: Model JL-05 Model JL-05 Rated Capacities 60,100, 200,350, 500,800(kg) Output Impedance 350±5 Ω Rated Output 2.0 mV/V±5% Insulation Impedance ≥5000 MΩ/50VDC Non-linearity 0.02 %F.S Safe Overload 150 % F.S Hysteresis 0.02 % F.S Ultimate Overload 200 % F.S Repeatability 0.02 % F.S Operating Temperature Range -20~60 ℃ Creep(20min) 0.02 % F.S Recommended Excitation 5~12 VDC Temperature Effect On Output 0.002 % F.S /℃ Maximum Excitation 15 VDC Temperature  Effect On Zero 0.003 % F.S /℃ Construction Aluminum Alloy Zero Balance ±0.0200 mV/V Protection Class IP66 / IP67 Input Impedance 410±15 Ω Cable φ5×2 m Mode of Connection Red(EXC+),Black(EXC-),Green(SIG+),White(SIG-)
Iron bench scale-Type A
Iron bench scale ideal for weighing applications
Iron bench scale-Type A Features: 1. Removable stainless steel weighing pan 2. Non-slip adjustable feet and integral leveling bubbles 3. Iron structure for durable performance 4.Optional indicators: JIK-8/JIK-6/JIK-4/JWI-710/JWI-700B/JWI-700W/JWI-700C/JWI-700P/JWI-586/JWI-688/JWI-3000/JWI-3100/JWI-3000W/JWI-3000C/JWI-2100/JWI-2000C 5. Designed specially with affordability and utility in mind 6. Ideal for shipping and receiving, production, packaging, general commercial and industrial weighing applications Specifications: Model Iron bench scale base Capacity(kg) 30-100kg 75-150kg 150-300kg 300-600kg 300-600kg 500kg-1t Platform size(cm) 30×40 40×50 45×60 50×60 60×60 60×80 80×80 Load cell JL-02 JL-04 JL-03 / JL-04 JL-03 JL-03 JL-03 Pole height(cm) 66 Pole diameter(cm) ∮3.8 Structure Iron
JP-01 with special e-scale label tags
JP-01 label edit print moule
JP-01 label edit print module Features: 1.       Break traditional e-scale label tags, edit label freely by APP, switch material freely 2.       Switch multi labels randomly, simple to operate 3.       Transfer data by BT, on-click download, edit and save simultaneously and immediately Operations: 1.       Use the port with two 9D socket to connect the printer serial port and WP separately 2.       Use the port with 25D socket to choose suitable port to connect indicator print port 3.       The WP can run when printing or charging, if the green light flicker, it indicates the WP is waiting for connection 4.       Open JPrint APP, Slide out the left menu, click to enter the connection, the WP green light is on when the connection is successful 5.       Create new label and set label size. Add pictures to APP from Android device. Freely add and edit label content 6.       Enter into material management from the left menu, create and cancel material 7.     Choose material to save label when editing the label, the ready label format can be downloaded to the printer 8.     Choose the corresponding format when weighing, and can change the label
NWTH digital weighing scale
NWTH Electronic weighing scale with stainless steel weighing pan
Features: 1. High resolution in 1/20,000  2. Bright LCD display with green LED backlight 3. High impact ABS housing and stainless steel weighing pan 4. Bubble level & adjust feet 5. Overload and transport devices 6. Zero/Tare/Weighing/Part counting/Net weight/Gross weight functions 7. Battery life: about 160 hours with backlight on, 260 hours without backlight.       8. Auto shut off for power saving 9. RS-232/U-KEY connector (Optional) 10. For using in family-run shop, factories, schools, offices, household and a wide range of other various weighing applications   Specifications: Model NWTH- 2K NWTH- 3K NWTH- 4K NWTH- 6K NWTH- 10K NWTH- 15K NWTH- 20K Capacity(kg) 2 4 5 6 10 15 20 Division(g) 0.1 0.2 0.5 0.5 0.5 1 1 Weighing units g / oz / ct/pcs Display 5 digits , 19mm digit height, LCD display with green LED backlight Weighing pan(mm) 210X190(Stainless steel) Dimension(mm) 270X210X100 Weight Net weight 1.4kg; Gross weight 1.98kg Power supply 4 C-size batteries or AC adapter Certification CE

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